Thursday, July 28, 2005

"ET" to Phone Home... Again

I just read on Dark Horizons (a sci-fi news site) that there are murmurs of doing a sequel to E.T., complete with Drew Barrymore and Steven Spielberg.

At first thought, I thought this was a horrible idea. As a kid who saw E.T. and enjoyed it immensely, I thought, "Nothing good can come of this." The more I thought about it, though, the more I started to think that it's not a half bad idea. But if they do the movie, they should change it somewhat to make it fresh and interesting. I kind of like this idea:

The aliens, mad about our little E.T. buddy almost biting the big one due to those mean Earth scientists, decide that this little blue rock must be taken over. They attack with their lasers and radiation weapons, killing Elliott in the opening salvo. Drew Barrymore, as a grown-up (and scantily clad) Gertie, has to fight them off with guns, grenades, and guts. In the final scene, she must fight hand-to-hand against the very E.T. that was abandoned on Earth years before. She helped to save him 25 years ago, but now, all she feels the stinging pain of vengeance.

I don't know about you, but I would go see it!


At 9:09 AM, Blogger Lego Seven said...

My vote is for the final scene to be a beach volleyball showdown, ala DOA Extreme Beach Volleyball

At 8:44 PM, Blogger Monarch7 said...

I think the ending should show the ETs finishing up dinner, then saying something in their language, with a subtitle that says, "Tastes just like chicken." Then panning back to show human body parts lying everywhere.

To Serve Man all over again?

At 7:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, ET was a pretty good tv show.


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